• Cycling
  • Walking
  • Concerts
  • Yoga
  • Paint
  • Kayak
  • Entertainment
  • Dining
  • Swimming
  • Wild Berries picking
  • Sailing & cruises
  • CyclingIf you come by boat or bus there are bicycles to hire. You can also rent bicycles from Villa Illumino and discover the island of Blidö at your own pace.
  • WalkingThere's nature everywhere. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful Nature Blidö has to offer.
  • ConcertsAt the island's cinema, there are summer concerts. The season starts in July. You can also enjoy Jazzdays at the beginning of July in the nearby city of Norrtälje.
  • YogaAt Villa Illumino we can also offer you yoga classes if you are interested and want to take the time to relax even further. We also offer massages. Please inquiry at your arrival.
  • PaintWe also offer painting lessons, which is one of the things that makes us different from other Bed & Breakfasts in the area.
  • KayakSurrounded by water, Blidö is the ideal place to go kayaking. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will have a great experience! You can order kayaks through us, and if you so wish we can also accompany you and guide you.
  • EntertainmentNear to the inn there is a cinema, where you can go and enjoy a night out.
  • DiningYou can go and eat at Blidö Värdshus, where they have a small harbour for 15 visiting boats. You can also visit Blidö Hembageri (Home bakery) that has a small café. You can also order dinner at Villa Illumino if you give us a couple of days notice. For more info send us an email.
  • SwimmingAlthough the waters of the Baltic Sea are a little cold, you might want to take a quick dip and refresh yourself on the hotter days.
  • Wild Berries pickingIf in season, you can pick different wild berries, from strawberries to blueberries and strawberries. So delicious you'll be eating them on the spot!
  • Sailing & cruisesIf you order in advance you might also be able to go on a trip on the old sailingboat, which in the beginning of the 19th C transported sand. Or you can take small trips by getting a ticket in the ever-charming Blidösund.
The protective sound between Yxlan and Blidö has attracted seafarers through the years and the island is first named in King Valdemar's logbook from the 13th century. Blidö Gård (farm) was built in the 17th century but was burnt down in 1925.
Sunset in Blidö
Villa Illumino in the summer
Room 3 in the lower level
The living area
Down on the rocky private beach
The kitchen belonging to the outside extension
Beautiful sunset
The Baltic Sea freezes over in the cold winters
The porch at the front of the house
The most amazing colours paint the sky
Room 2 - view 1
Silja Line appears from behind the island
The colourful rocks by the beach
Villa Illumino in the Spring
On Furusund (the Ferry) towards Blidö
The bunker beds in the extension
Pärongården, Norrtälje
Another beautiful winter day at Villa Illumino
The sunset seen through the windows in the living room
Room 2 - view 2
Want to discover the island of Blidö? Take a bycicle and enjoy the scenery!
A winter landscape from the beach
Villa Illumino at dusk
Another view of the living room on the ground floor
Go down to the beach and dip your feet in the refreshing water
Room 2 - view 3
The sunsets will take your breath away
A bottom bunker bed in the extension unit
We serve breakfast in the dining area
At Villa Illumino you can use the outdoors toilet or enjoy the luxury of the indoors shower or bath
Summer offers vivid and beautiful colours
Room 1 - view 1
Welcome to Villa Illumino. At the entrance, the greens are inside as much as outside
Side view of the outside porch
Room 2 - view 4
Looking out through the window
Another view of the bright living room
Sandkilen Helmi boat
The dining room sits next to the living room
Norrtälje is the closest "city" from Blidö and well worth visiting
A bright view of the front porch
Enjoy the fresh air you can take advantage of out in Villa Illumino
Kayaking is one of the many fun activities you can do on Blidö
Fishnet down by the rocky beach
Fishing for both adults and kids
Detail shot from the garden
Bring your sketch books, water colours and other painting materials and sit down by the beach to paint
The Baltic Sea shows its fury from time to time